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Post Re: N0TIR1
Ok, so back on topic, I just had a "holy shit" moment while listening to this album. A moment that I never would have expected. Somehow, Mysterious Wall came on, played in its place after Neon Wireframe Landscape, and I was suddenly smiling and laughing out loud. I don't know what, exactly, it is, but something about the awesome craziness of the nine tracks leading up to it put Mysterious Wall in the perfect place for a small, yet powerful, breath of air that I didn't even know I needed. It was there, doodling along in its melody that slyly placed itself right inside my head while the rest of my brain contentedly went, "Aaaaahhhh."

Mysterious Wall by itself is not that spectacular, but within the context of the album, it might be the most.

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Wed May 14, 2014 9:18 pm
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Post Re: N0TIR1
Yes there is something up with the physical copy... some bold words in the track list... when put together say this in order of appearance:

On The Plains Through Fear Sunday Prayers Escape Comfort And Time

This album is fabulous. As soon i pressed play i started thinking it would be similar to opus, but in the end it turned out completely different, love it. The album descriptions on band camp/alphabasic are beautiful in context, the album fits so so well. It's another masterpiece in terms of an album as a whole. The things going on in some of these tracks are just wow... lost count of how many times i was like, omg that sound.. that feeling.. how... where did that come from. Some of the tracks, whilst very good, aren't stand alone masterpieces, but are masterpieces in the context of the album.

After listen through number 1 i had a fair few themes and melodies wafting into my brain throughout the following 36 hours, and because i hadn't even looked at the track listings it was really cool to just feel those themes without a specific context. Dead on the 4th of July is really catchy, that one stuck in there!

In some ways i kind of wish i hadn't listened to all the pre-released tracks now. But actually it was really cool because when i first listened to the album i played the seamless version, and i could feel when all the tracks i'd heard were coming on :) That brought a great smile and was definitely a laugh out loud moment! was really great, they all fit so well it just made so much sense when they were coming up.

I think the stand out track for me is Solar Motel. Stunning. The 10 sec preview Benn added before got me so hyped. And during I Can Feel It Humming i got so excited that i could feel it coming up next. Totally didn't expect that style of song from the preview - and boy it was one of those that makes you stop everything (and i wasn't even doing anything at the time) - so my body and brain just froze in time for the duration of the track, totally absorbed... priceless moment.

I can feel it humming is probs another top track for me. So epic, especially the last minute. Basically i just wanted tracks 4 and 5 to get bigger and bigger and more epic and fill the universe lol I also kind of wanted more singing - i think Benn does vocals really well, he should include them in his tracks more often, would have loved to hear the vocals in solar motel build up a bit more.

I'm sure i'll discover much more in this album, only had two listens so far. Amazing work Benn, really, thanks so much for the fab music and the way you make it.

Sat May 17, 2014 5:06 pm
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Post Re: N0TIR1
One other thing - Benn was still recording footage after the Troubled Plains video was released... something about a homeage to Chicago and videoing that construction work or something. Not sure if he lost that footage in the end with all that crap that went down, but i got the feeling he was making another video... maybe for another one of his album songs? maybe for a new song? ...

Does anyone know what he used to make that video clip preview of Solar Motel? While i'm at it, does anyone know what he uses to make those cool images with code? And that HD waveform he made of his album?

Sun May 18, 2014 4:51 am
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